Reviews & Testimonials

Reyna A.
The best place for non-toxic mattresses! Dustin was so knowledgeable and helpful from the phone call to shopping in person. If you’re shopping for a mattress and you’re interested/concerned about the chemicals and metals used, look here first! A Houston gem ✨
Jonathan D.
Dustin provided us with great service and information for our purchase. Definitely recommend and will absolutely be coming back when we upgrade beds for the kiddo!
Rob L.
We have bought multiple mattresses from here and enjoy them all. Dustin and crew really take the time to help you find the right fit and comfort level and stay with you every step of the way. Sleeping on an organic mattress is one of the best things you can do for your body and Houston Natural Mattress can help you find the right one.
lauren L.
After my visit at Natural Mattress on Kirby in houston, this will be the only place I will go to in the future for a mattress. I came in to the store after doing hours of research on Reddit, thinking I knew it all. I was blown away by the amount of information Dustin shared with us. He wanted us to get the best product for the least amount of money, all while keeping in mind the importance of safe materials used in their mattress which is extremely important to me. They are native Texans and we had an amazing experience here. So thankful for them and this store. Small selection which is nice because every mattress here is amazing quality and serves a different purpose. I highly recommend Natural Mattress on Kirby in houston.
Nitish C.
We have been looking to buy toxic free mattresses for a few months now. By far this place has been the least salesy and pressing. Dustin gave us our space and time to try out different mattresses and share honest opinion and knowledge on them. We ended up with a king Magniflex MagniStretch.
Zev S
Went in on Super Bowl Sunday and Dustin took care of my family and I with courtesy as well as professionalism. What a great store! Dustin is great! Will return as necessary. I can definitely recommend this location in Houston.
Delia C.
Excellent service. It feels good having a mattress tailored according to your needs.
We had a great experience buying our first natural mattress! Louis was very knowledgeable, answered all of our questions and provided great details about each option. We highly recommend this store!
Billy R.
I have been impressed with the customer service on each visit. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend this store to anyone seeking a more natural mattress option.
Kelly R.
I definitely recommend purchasing any mattresses, pillows, mattress covers, etc. that you need from Houston Natural Mattress! Years ago I first saw an ad about natural, organic mattresses, and I was so confused as to how a mattress could be organic and why it mattered. Then ten years later when we had a baby, I started looking into the materials of things and the impact they can have on your body/health/wellness. We went to Houston Natural Mattress and bought a crib mattress, then about 18 months later we bought a queen mattress for us and a twin mattress for our toddler as our family is growing (plus a mattress protector after he peed on said mattress 🙃). We spend a third of our lives on our mattresses, so it's worth investing in something that is not only comfortable but that is not toxic to your health! The staff at Houston Natural Mattress is so helpful and friendly. They just want to help you find what meets your needs best. We went in three times, and no one was ever pushy or looking to sell us the more expensive item. I was about to buy pillows online, but when you are making an investment (e.g., $100+ for a pillow), it's nice to be able to feel it in person. We found just what we wanted at Houston Natural Mattress. I'm so happy this store exists in Houston! Take advantage of it!
Great place! Amazing beds
Dawn M.
Excellent products and service.
Mecie H.
wonderful service from Dustin. great value and a 25 year warranty! I'd been researching online, and he identified the best mattress for me quickly. I was...
Thomas M.
Great experience buying in store. Lots of options. Staff was helpful, very low pressure.
Joan K.
I do not usually write yelp reviews, however this is our third purchase from Houston Natural Mattress and we have not been disappointed. Three years ago we...
Ed K.
Wonderful experience with Houston Natural Mattress Store. This is our 3rd purchase from this store. After purchasing our first bed for our master bedroom, we have returned twice for guest beds because of the fantastic customer service and quality of beds.If you are looking for a bed I highly recommend seeing Dustin at Houston National Mattress Store. I can't say enough about the quality of customer service. And for someone who has chronic back issues, these beds have been incredible.
Mark K.
Dustin is extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic about mattresses. Showed me the most comfortable Naturepedic mattress I have ever seen. Definitely recommend stopping by the showroom.
Albert T.
If you're looking for a natural/organic mattress for the family Houston Natural Mattress is the place to go!Louis and Dustin go above and beyond answering...
Seth C.
Excellent customer service. High quality products.
Aaron H.
I had a fantastic experience at this local natural mattress store! I found a pillow online that caught my interest and used the website’s text feature to ask about its availability. The owner, Dustin, was incredibly responsive and provided details about various options available in-store for me to try. I arrived after work, and he patiently answered my many questions about materials and made thoughtful recommendations based on my sleep position. I've been using the pillow for a week now and absolutely love it. It has alleviated my neck and shoulder pain, and I couldn't be happier with the personalized service and the quality of the pillow. Highly recommend!
Eva Z.
Excellent products and outstanding service. I highly recommend it.
christy S.
Had the most wonderful experience picking out 2 mattresses with Dustin! His knowledge of their products and attentiveness to my needs combined to result in me finding exactly what I needed. There is no one out there that can beat the product quality and customer service that houston natural mattress has to offer...they are the best of the best!
Sonia S.
Dustin was very knowledgeable and helpful.
Jason Scott R.
Could not be happier with this organic mattress. Dustin Handled the sale and was super kind to me and my family.
Kate C.
Came in for an organic crib mattress and was able to walk out same day with the exact crib mattress I had researched with a sweet Black Friday deal. Thankful for mindful companies and peace of mind! I prefer to shop small, especially during the holiday season. Louis was so helpful and knowledgeable!
Stacy H.
Houston Natural Mattress is A+ in both knowledge and product along with no pressure sales. I’ll gladly purchase from this top-notch store again.
Rebecca M.
Old fashioned, quality service. Sales persons worked to find the best mattress fit for the customer and were very knowledgable and informative about gwhat goes into the process of making a mattress. The object of sales was customer satisfaction, refreshing for me the consumer. Very positive, productive process.
Robert B.
Dustin and Lewis were very friendly and super informative when helping my wife and I decide on a mattress. She has back problems and joint pain so her year long research lead us here- We talked through all our requirements and ended up purchasing the Naturepedic EOS Pillowtop split king and are so excited to receive it!
Sam R
Louis is amazing! I came in knowing what I wanted and he showed me the perfect mattress. He was professional, welcoming and easy to talk to 🙂 I didn’t feel pressured at all, which made it easier to find what I wanted and ask questions.Great experience and will be buying my future mattresses from here!
Jennifer K.
Could not have asked for better services! Both Louis and Dustin were so nice, patient, and knowledgeable not only about their products, but also competitor brands, the process for constructing the mattress, and ideal positioning for your body to optimize your sleep hygiene. If you are looking for a new mattress I would highly recommend checking them out!
Erick D.
Louis and Dustin were a huge help! Highly recommend buying a mattress from Houston Natural Mattress.
Isabela D.
I had a great experience at Houston Natural Mattress. Louis was extremely helpful with helping me narrow down options as I was new to organic materials. I feel confident in my purchase.
Andrea G
So glad we came here. I wanted to try out a mattress similar to awara, but I’ve heard it may be too firm for a side sleeper. Louis was super helpful in showing the types of mattress/firmness of what I was looking for. The Naturepedic eos pillow top was the winner. Can’t wait to sleep on my new mattress!
Raul G.
Louis was great. Very helpful, informative and attentive. We went with the Naturepedic because of the customization options. Can’t wait to sleep on our new bed.
Cole D.
Louis was incredibly helpful in helping my wife and I decide on a mattress. He was efficient and helped answer all our questions giving us the high confidence in our purchase. We highly recommend Houston Natural Mattress!
Dr. Tiffany K.
Louis saved the day!!! I had ordered 3 twin mattress from avocado not realizing they would not ship for a couple of weeks, and canceled right away. So I called Houston Natural Mattress to see if they could do anything faster as I had 3 kiddos that needed beds within 4 days. Louis went on a search in the wear-house, hoping even if we got 3 different brands it would be a win. Well he was able to find 3 brands of the same that were of better value than what we had talked about and also better value than the avocado mattresses. Not to mention the ones I was going to get from Avocado, did not have great reviews on comfort. Louis was able to have these new mattress delivered the next day and they were amazingly soft and beautiful! Kids absolutely LOVED them! Saved money, got a better softer quality mattress and got it in 24 hours! I didn’t even have to step foot in store! I will be contacting Louis when it’s time to upgrade my own mattress. Thank you SOO VERY MUCH! You saved us.
Eva B.
Just purchased our 3rd mattress from you all and have been extremely happy with every purchase 🙂 We just decided to upgrade from Queen to King during our move and are anxiously awaiting our new Amish mattress! Thank you to the guys, Louis and Dustin, over at Natural Mattress 🙂
Marc C.
Great selection of organic beds. The environment thanks you and so do I! Shopped your Dallas store recently also! Great products! Very friendly service! Love my bed!
Friedrich A.
I recently had the great pleasure of purchasing a mattress from Louis at Houston Natural Mattresses. Louis’ expert advice on mattresses was rivaled only by the meticulousness of his mustache that's as plush and well-maintained as their premium mattress selections. Louis took the time to understand our needs, guided us through my options, and ensured that we left with the perfect mattress for our preferences and budget. Highly recommended!
Julia S.
High quality mattresses and pillows without the harmful chemicals at all price points - and friendly helpful staff. Have purchased 5 mattresses and love them all.
Burner H.
The best place we have found in Houston for a mattress, let alone a mattress without all of the off-gassing chemicals. We will never go anywhere else... Go see Lou!
Mac M.
Get the Halcyon! We love it. These guys know their mattresses. Thanks Louis 🙂
Very pleasant experience. Louis was so helpful but not pushy. We ended up purchasing with them due to the quality of materials and the mattress. Would recommend and will be back when it is time to buy again.
Camille C.
I came into here suffering sleepless nights not knowing where to turn. After being ripped off by two online mattress companies in a row Louis was my savior! I thought I was allergic to the latex mattress topper I had ordered online but he informed me that that only happens with SYNTHETIC latex, not natural latex! He showed me how untrustworthy these online brands are and showed me the true beauty of REAL natural latex! I have never had my life changed so much by a salesman or store employee!
Linda G.
Sam W.
We had a great experience working with Louis to find our perfect mattress. We had heard from friends this is the best place to go when we decided to upgrade from a queen to king and they were right. These mattress will last so much longer than others and are so much more comfortable as well. We spent about 45 minutes laying on beds before we decided which one fit us best. Louis was very helpful and patient with us (and our kids). 10/10
William B.
Very comfy and our child sleeps well on it. I also had a sleep in it one night and can say I would happily buy one for my wife and I.
Lau Ren (Lau R.
I had a great experience shopping at Houston Natural Mattress. The staff are extremely knowledgable and helpful. I think I tried every mattress in the store and they explained how each one is different and the levels of quality. You can tell they really care about the products they are selling. They really worked with me to help me pick the perfect mattress and I feel great about my purchase. I can't recommend them enough.
Megan R.
Louis was EXTREMELY knowledgable and helpful in my mattress hunt. Mind blown!
Omkar D.
Recently my wife and I visited this place in search of a more natural matteress for our home. Louis was wonderful in explaining everything in detail. We had a great experience and would recommend them highly.
Lopa D.
Louis was so helpful in finding the perfect mattresses for our family. He answered all our questions and educated us on the difference between all natural vs regular mattresses.
Evens G.
Best customer service. Dustin did an amazing job. Thanks!
cristal C.
This is the best mattress store we have ever been too. We purchased our first hand crafted mattress this week the Naturepedic Arcadia. Free of toxins and unbelievably comfortable. Our previous mattress we purchased from mattress firm, such a big difference in experience and quality. Don't hesitate to stop by they treat you like family and truly care about your needs.
Victoria F
My husband and I stopped by the store yesterday to purchase a mattress and we had such a great experience! Louis was super helpful and knowledgeable and really guided us in the right direction. We ended up going with a Naturepedic and we can’t wait to sleep on it! Also, theres just no other store like this one in Houston and if you’re looking for a mattress definitely come here.
Love this place! Very helpful staffer, great deals. Got a buckwheat pillow here and loved it. When my mattress finally gives out, this is where I'll be going for a replacement.
Angel O.
Helpful and friendly staff. Had exactly what I wanted! Will come back again 🙂
Connie M.
We are extremely pleased with our purchase - I had so many questions and called them numerous times and they were so patient with me and answered every...
I just purchased a Royal Pedic mattress topper at Houston Natural Mattress. Louis made the process easy and enjoyable. He was extremely helpful in finding the one we wanted for a good price. I would highly recommend them!
Robert A.
Excellent service. Louis did a great job helping my wife and I to find us a mattress. Highly recommended
Ksenia C.
Excellent Service! Louis is knowledgeable and genuinely interested to provide a best service for a customer. A purchase was a stress-free experience with a lot of positive expectations for our soon to be received mattress.
thanila M.
Highly recommended! They took the time to find us the perfect mattress and pillows! Very happy!
Gustavo O.
Awesome customer service. They found me the best pillow for my neck restrictions. Highly recommend!
Beena P.
Went to HNM and Louis is super friendly and more importantly knowledgeable about mattresses. Looking forward to parents getting a good night’s sleep.
Hunter O.
Best mattress buying experience ever thanks to Louis! Honest and no frills! Appreciated that.
Alexandra E.
Great customer service!
Linda T.
Great service. Louis is very knowledgeable about the products and their manufacturing processes. Very friendly and great to work with. Purchased Posh and Lavish Restore.
Mark T.
Louis provided Excellent Service, knowledgeable and no pressure sales.Purchased Posh+ Lavish
Noelle C.
We had an excellent experience with our latest purchase at Houston Natural Mattress! Louis is so very knowledgeable and genuinely interested in his customer’s satisfaction with their purchase. This is our favorite stress-free place to shop for organic mattresses - this time, we purchased a Halcyon for ourselves and a Serenade for one of our sons. So excited to get a great night’s sleep! Thank you, Louis!
M S.
After visiting about 10 mattress stores in the Houston area, I actually found a transparent store with excellent a straight and knowledgeable salesperson- Houston Natural Mattress carries top mattresses. I visited the store several times and worked with Louis. Zero pressure and great advise.Live my Hastens 🙂 need a mattress, this is the place.
Erin S.
Super experience buying my first Hastens mattress! Louis was very knowledgable with zero pressure—fantastic place to buy a mattress in Houston! I ended up buying The Natural Mattress for my daughter also!
Jaycee H.
They have been a great help getting the best mattresses for our son and for my wife and I. They are very knowledgeable and can give you best product for your budget. I will recommended this store to everybody who is looking for comfortable and non-toxic mattresses.
Rachel H
This place is incredible. We’ve bought two beds here and will be coming back for all of our future bed purchases. They’re proficient, professional and so kind! Steve and Louis are the BEST! They know all there is to know about mattresses, bases, pillows.. you name it! They’ll get you set up with exactly what you want every time! Highly Recommend!!
Y H.
Great store! Louis spent a lot of time helping us. He was exceptionally patient, knowledgeable and nice. We also talked to Steve a bit, also very personable...
Vernell T.
James R. D.
Had a great experience at Houston Natural Mattress and learned a lot from Louis about horsehair, the toxic chemicals in flame retardants, and off-gassing! This only sounds amusing; we really were there to educate ourselves on how to live as healthily as possible in the last three decades (hopefully) our lives, given that 10 years of that time will be spent in bed!
May W.
It has been my dream to sleep on a mattress that is natural and non-toxic. After all, we spend at least 1/3 of our lives on it. However, without knowing much about it, it seems intimidating. I am so glad that we went to Houston Natural Mattress and Louis was there to help us. He is attentive, knowledgeable and going extra miles to get us the information we requested. I went away not only getting the mattress I want to support my health, but gained much appreciation and knowledge for natural mattress. I also appreciate the caring and great customer service Louis demonstrated. This is definitely the store for your next mattress purchase!
Ethan L.
Come see Louis for your natural matress need. They are not pushy like the other store down the street.Houston Natural Matress are the experts.
If you're in the process for a new mattress, I highly recommend checking out Houston Natural Mattress. My recent experience there was nothing short of exceptional. First off, the staff work there are incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. I met the co-owner of the store Louis and he took the time to listen to my needs and concerns, and helped me find the perfect mattress that fit my budget. I never felt rushed or pressured to make a purchase, and they were happy to answer all of my questions. What I appreciated the most was their high-quality mattresses they had available. From memory foam to pillow-top to hybrid models to pure latex mattress, there was something for everyone. And with their help, I was able to find a mattress that not only felt comfortable, but also offered the support I needed for a good night's sleep. It's called EOS Organic Latex Mattresses from Naturepedic, it's fully organic and I highly recommend it.
Kyleigh O T.
Met with Louis. Showed me a great mattress. Knew a lot about mattress! Will recommend
Maurice B.
I had a wonderful experience with Houston Natural Mattress. I recommend them and I would buy from them again if given the opportunity. Louis helped me and he was very easy to work with. I purchased a plush mattress that wasn't currently in stock so they gave me an even higher quality mattress to use as a loaner free of charge for over one month. Amazing!
Presley F.
So happy there’s an organic bedding store in Houston. I really did not want to purchase something I will have for years and years without trying it first, almost bought the Avocado, but so glad I stopped by here first. Thanks Louis!!
April H.
Checking back in after a few months on our new Halcyon mattress and… YES! We love it! My husband may end up getting his side swapped out for something softer, but he has slept great! It’s noticeably helped his back. Thanks Louis & Dustin for all your help 🙂
Amanda M.
Louis was fantastic! So glad we came in.
Yield F.
The wife wanted natural so when we moved to the new house we checked this place out and ended up just making the decision that day. Bought some of their own house brand for the kids and got a naturepedic for us. I’m actually impressed with ours, it’s comfortable. Go see Lewis and Dustin at natural mattress 👍
laura F.
Dustin was incredibly knowledgeable and responsive. He was able to point me in the right direction based on all the feedback I gave him about our current mattresses, likes/dislikes and also ages of our kids (best for their growth and comfort). Made what could have been a daunting experience extremely pleasant. We love our selections and will most certainly go to Houston Natural Mattress for all our mattress purchases. They are the only one in Houston that has an extensive selection of Organic and Natural products and also have the expertise to educate customers on the products. Being able to go in and see the product is so important when it comes to a mattress purchase. Many thanks!!!!
Keagan P.
kim P.
Beto D.
Vivian W.
I never thought I could have such a sincere and welcoming shopping experience for a mattress, but this is exactly what happened when my boyfriend and I visited this location. In particular, the man who made the whole experience, Steve Chandler! He is so incredibly kind, diligent, and knowledgeable that it is inspiring. The purchasing process unfolded perfectly and I felt compelled to leave a review that this establishment completely warranted. I would suggest checking it out, if you too would love a beautiful, natural mattress for your home.
Annmarie K.
Great store, the best salesperson , very knowledgeable and put me and my family on the best mattress, topper and pillows of my life … so glad I found em
Crystal C.
Steve Chandler is the best!
Jennifer B.
The owner Steve was very knowledgeable on the different mattress companies and mattress components. He educated us on this the components are made and which components in traditional mattresses are unhealthy/toxic to the body. He was easy to talk to and patient with all of my questions. We arrived at 10 am on a Tuesday and we were the only customers in the store for 2.5 hours which was helpful to have full use of the mattresses and the ears of the owner. We ended up ordering the Posh + Lavish brand Fusion mattress. I’m looking forward to the day that the shipment arrives at our house. I highly recommend this store if you are curious about natural mattresses.
Andrew B
Steve was a great salesman and really took the time to explain all the differences between the mattress and the pros cons and wasn't a pushy salesman at all. Really awesome store!
Patrick R.
Excellent place to shop for a mattress! Incredible service and inventory. Made the mattress shopping experience very pleasant and enjoyable.
David A M.
Excellent service very knowledgeable professionals no pressure
Jen W.
Great selection and buying experience...and Steve is the best!
Beatriz C.
Great experience and we learn so much about mattresses.
Mary N.
Fantastic experience! Steve and Dustin we’re incredibly helpful and patient. The mission is great, so you’re spending your money locally and sustainably!
Tova A.
Best customer service!
Very knowledgeable and helpful.
So hard to choose as so many of the mattresses were comfortable.
Karen B.
The guys here were fantastic (and super patient)! We spent forever in the store figuring out which mattress was the best fit for us. TOTALLY worth the drive to purchase our naturepedic here!
Andrew S.
Extremely knowledgeable sales team Dustin & Steve walked us through all the details and didn't rush us into purchase. Lots of options to try in store. Excited to upgrade to a non toxic mattress!
Shane C.
The only store for organic mattresses in Houston! Love It!
Mary M.
Steve was very helpful and knowledgeable. He made our decision easy on which natural mattress was best for us. He was honest. I would highly recommend going to see him.
Nanette D.
FANTASTIC experience from start to finfish. My husband and I talked to Steve and told him we were looking for a natural mattress...mostly due to my dust...
James R.
We purchased a good mattress from them about 1 year ago. After a few months began noticing issues with my back. Finally after one year I became convinced it was my side of our mattress. Steve @Houston Natural Mattress exchanged out the medium latex inserts for firm and now all is good. These guys stand by their commitment to their customers. Highly recommend them.
Nici H.
Edit with update: I received a call today from Steve and it seems there was a management changeover when we purchased that caused a lot of balls to be dropped but he was very kind and offered a store credit. Definitely didn't need to do that months later! The bed has been amazing and this definitely changed my opinion of the store. I can always offer grace when someone admits they messed up! Thanks Steve!I so so so wanted to love my experience here. I had a wonderful purchasing experience and the sales rep was amazing but it's been downhill since then. I ordered my mattress May 15th and 3 1/2 months later I still don't have it. They delivered one mattress and took mine but it was a mattress much cheaper than the one I purchased. I immediately noticed and called to let them know they delivered the wrong mattress. Everytime I call to check on the new status I get the run around and no clear answer. Now I'm being told they have my mattress but are too busy to call me and deliver it. I feel like after waiting 15 weeks for a mattress that I was told would take 6 weeks to receive... Being told they are too busy to deliver it is beyond unacceptable. Loved the buying experience - but paying $6k and not receiving my mattress deserves zero stars.
Ryan D.
The best service with the best mattresses. Dustin is extremely knowledgeable and will lead you in the right direction.
Amber Sky W.
This Natural Mattress Store in The Woodlands has the best selection of healthy mattresses. Dustin the manager is so knowledgeable and amazing at customer service! :-). I bought the Mango mattress in size queen. I get it delivered this week.
Andrew G.
My wife and I absolutely love our new mattress plus sheets that we purchased here and have had the best sleep since ever. The store manager Dustin is very knowledgeable, patient, polite and informative. The experience was great and will recommend all friends and family to make their next mattress, sheets or cover purchases here...they won't regret it and neither will you.
Maureen O.
We bought a bed at your store in the Woodlands. Best bed we have ever slept on. Your sales and service were great. Love our bed, never had such a good night sleep and to wake in the morning feeling so refreshed is Magnificent!!! Has been such a pleasure doing business wth your staff. Such an amazing bed sleep all night. It has been a pleasure. I would recommend anyone too try your store. Thank you so much we are now sleeping. Best Quality of beds. Sincerely Maureen
Kathleen C.
Very helpful and positive experience.
Aqeel A.
Finding a mattress here was such a great experience. Dustin was courteous and his knowledge of everything about mattresses was outstanding. I walked out feeling confident that I made a very worthwhile purchase.
Ade L.
Had a fantastic experience purchasing a mattress at the Woodlands location today. The store manager, Dustin, was extremely knowledgeable and incredibly helpful. He went above and beyond to make my experience in the store exceptional and I am thrilled to receive my new non-toxic, organic mattress, pillow & mattress cover. I highly recommend this location and company for your mattress purchase.
Jennifer L.
You will not meet a more friendly or knowledgeable mattress connoisseur than Steve Chandler!Steve takes the time to understand your preferences/needs and then ensures those match his recommendation.The drive to Houston Natural Mattress of The Woodlands is well worth it wherever you are!
Theresa M.
At a time when your health is so important, toxin free products and a clean healthy environment to shop couldn’t be more relevant! Great customer service and Max in particular is very knowledgeable and helpful!
Jan V.
Great customer service!
Martha H.
vanya W.
Best mattress ever! Besides being so comfy I sleep better knowing that it's not full of toxins. Steve is friendly and beyond knowledgeable!
Mariana D.
Tinaya S.
Such a great selection and Steve is so helpful and knowledgeable! We couldn’t be happier!
Thad D.
Excellent mattress buying experience. Steve answered all my questions according and had patience the entire time!!
harley K.
Really great customer experience and best mattress I've ever had.
Ash J.
The knowledge and expertise that the Houston Natural mattress exhibited during my shopping experience is unparalleled! I strongly recommend anyone who takes their health seriously to speak with these professionals. I assure you, your body will thank you later!
Mike G.
I really like my new mattress. I had no idea I would sleep so much better and I feel like I got a great deal.
Michael L.
Great service and salesmanship. Stevie was the best
Max W.
Sharon W.
I have an awesome mattress from Houston Natural Mattress with a 2” topper. I’m in love with my bed. I also have an adjustable frame. Truly it’s the bomb. Steve Chandler was very helpful. He was very patient with me and ask questions that would help him help me. All in all it was one of the best buying experiences I have ever had. I strongly suggest you give them a try if you need a mattress. Thanks Steve.
Simon P.
Wow amazing costumer service and inventory ! Very happy with my purchase !
D R.
Best experience in town! Steve and Lewis were the best! After being beat up all over town , having mattresses full of all kinds of toxins and poisons pushed on me. I finally found HNM and poison free natural mattress alternatives that the salespeople were knowledgeable enough to educate me on all the options. After my wife and I were comfort fitted to our personal needs we were able to make the perfect selection and save a ton of money compared to what we found elsewhere. Thanks guys, I'll definitely send friends and family.
Kenn K.
Awesome selection and prices. Art on the walls alone is worth the visit.
Janice J.
I had the best experience with Houston Natural Mattress. The owner was so helpful when it came to choosing the right mattress for us. He was not pushy like your typical sales person, he was just very informative and professional. It was actually first after we paid for the mattress that he told us that we will never want to sleep in another mattress after this. There was a problem with the delivery time since the base that we ordered was on back order and we needed the bed within two weeks, so they gave us a free upgrade to the next model up which could be delivered right away. This is the best and most professional experience I’ve ever had with purchasing a mattress. I highly recommend this place!
Morgan C.
WOW!! Could this place be any cooler!!! It is so beautifully designed. The mattresses are reasonably priced and the staff are super knowledgeable. I recommend this place to everyone I know.
Chris T.