Reviews & Testimonials

laura F.
Dustin was incredibly knowledgeable and responsive. He was able to point me in the right direction based on all the feedback I gave him about our current mattresses, likes/dislikes and also ages of our kids (best for their growth and comfort). Made what could have been a daunting experience extremely pleasant. We love our selections and will most certainly go to Houston Natural Mattress for all our mattress purchases. They are the only one in Houston that has an extensive selection of Organic and Natural products and also have the expertise to educate customers on the products. Being able to go in and see the product is so important when it comes to a mattress purchase. Many thanks!!!!
Keagan P.
Beto D.
Vivian W.
I never thought I could have such a sincere and welcoming shopping experience for a mattress, but this is exactly what happened when my boyfriend and I visited this location. In particular, the man who made the whole experience, Steve Chandler! He is so incredibly kind, diligent, and knowledgeable that it is inspiring. The purchasing process unfolded perfectly and I felt compelled to leave a review that this establishment completely warranted. I would suggest checking it out, if you too would love a beautiful, natural mattress for your home.
Annmarie K.
Great store, the best salesperson , very knowledgeable and put me and my family on the best mattress, topper and pillows of my life … so glad I found em
Crystal C.
Steve Chandler is the best!
Jennifer B.
The owner Steve was very knowledgeable on the different mattress companies and mattress components. He educated us on this the components are made and which components in traditional mattresses are unhealthy/toxic to the body. He was easy to talk to and patient with all of my questions. We arrived at 10 am on a Tuesday and we were the only customers in the store for 2.5 hours which was helpful to have full use of the mattresses and the ears of the owner. We ended up ordering the Posh + Lavish brand Fusion mattress. I’m looking forward to the day that the shipment arrives at our house. I highly recommend this store if you are curious about natural mattresses.
Andrew B
Steve was a great salesman and really took the time to explain all the differences between the mattress and the pros cons and wasn't a pushy salesman at all. Really awesome store!
Patrick R.
Excellent place to shop for a mattress! Incredible service and inventory. Made the mattress shopping experience very pleasant and enjoyable.
David A M.
Excellent service very knowledgeable professionals no pressure
Jen W.
Great selection and buying experience...and Steve is the best!
Beatriz C.
Great experience and we learn so much about mattresses.
Mary N.
Fantastic experience! Steve and Dustin we’re incredibly helpful and patient. The mission is great, so you’re spending your money locally and sustainably!
Tova A.
Best customer service!
Very knowledgeable and helpful.
So hard to choose as so many of the mattresses were comfortable.
Karen B.
The guys here were fantastic (and super patient)! We spent forever in the store figuring out which mattress was the best fit for us. TOTALLY worth the drive to purchase our naturepedic here!
Andrew S.
Extremely knowledgeable sales team Dustin & Steve walked us through all the details and didn't rush us into purchase. Lots of options to try in store. Excited to upgrade to a non toxic mattress!
Welch W.
Very informative and friendly staff
Ellen M.
Excellent service! Steve could not have made purchasing my new adjustable beds any easier. Thank you!
Jeremy B.
Steve was one of most helpful and knowledge salesman I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. He dedicated 4 hours of total time with my family spanning 4 separate visits. From knowledge of chemical sensitivities to his vast personal experiences with regards to mattress and related products we couldn’t have been happier with our experience. He even offered to provide us a loaner mattress and bed frame for free while our mattress was being built. Our selection for a natural mattress company started and ended with him.
Hannah R.
Houston Natural Mattress has been so accommodating and helpful. I originally wanted to write a review for their amazing products (mango mattress and pillows to be specific); however, the real treat is how much they care about their clients and the quality/ ethics behind their brand. Steve has been so helpful throughout my search for the perfect mattress. I cannot recommend them enough!
Shane C.
The only store for organic mattresses in Houston! Love It!
Irma M.
I recently purchased a mattress from Houston Natural Mattresses and it has been one of the most comfortable mattresses I have ever purchased. I used to have to get massages weekly to help with sciatica and back pain but since I got a mattress from Houston Natural Mattress I no longer need any massages! So do yourself a favor and go get a mattress from them today!
Stephanie F.
Great place to buy a natural organic mattress! We had already bought a mattress online from another manufacturer and didn't like the feel of it, so we decided to go physically try out mattresses ourselves. Steve was super helpful and insightful and VERY straightforward, which I really appreciate. We were happy to purchase the Natural Mattress once we laid on the bed in the store. Super happy with our experience!
Mary M.
Steve was very helpful and knowledgeable. He made our decision easy on which natural mattress was best for us. He was honest. I would highly recommend going to see him.
Samantha M.
Great selection and Steve treated us very well. We were very happy to have a chemical-free mattress.
James R.
Steve Chandler took the time to talk to me in depth about the mattress I wanted and the materials it was made from. I had done a lot of research and he reinforced what I had learned about the different mattress materials and helped me find the bed that I really wanted without a hard sell. The price he gave me for that exact mattress was better than I could find online. If I got it wrong I have a 100 day sleep guarantee to return or exchange this mattress.
Courtney C.
Had the best experience picking my new bed with Houston Natural Mattress. The knowledge of the salesmen was outstanding and I will definitely be referring my loved ones here!Thank you for the great experience!
Sofia M.
What happened to the stuffed ram at the front of the store? It was so cute and always made my day walking past the window
Regency M.
FANTASTIC experience from start to finfish. My husband and I talked to Steve and told him we were looking for a natural mattress...mostly due to my dust allergies and autoimmune stresses...brought on by environmental triggers.We had a bad experience with our former mattress purchase and with some other furniture delivery in the past...mostly bad attitudes. Steve took time to explain some natural options and we fell in love with the Halcyon mattress. It took a while because this mattress is custom made to your specs. It's been worth the wait.The delivery service was awesome as well. The mattress comes in a high-quality, food-grade double plastic cover and not a partly ripped open, thin plastic like our last mattress...where we had to send it back since it was already stained (bought at the Dump). Richard was the delivery rep. He was so considerate regarding care and handling of the mattress...careful to create as little as possible contamination while removing the covering and placing the mattress on our foundation. Richard spoke English! He had no problem with answering any questions and didn't make me feel as if I was a the Dump's delivery man had done.Best of all, we love our new natural mattress which has no chemical or toxic smell...making us feel ill. It's also super comfy and we've slept like babies since we got it. The only smell was an earthy, natural smell (mild) which reminds me of sheep. Well, maybe this is why we have the saying to count sheep to get to sleep. It's NATURAL! This mild earthy smell is quite welcome after our last mattress experience. Thank you Natural Mattress and I hope this store is around for a long time. I hope others will check it out.
Nanette D.
FANTASTIC experience from start to finfish. My husband and I talked to Steve and told him we were looking for a natural mattress...mostly due to my dust...
pradeep P.
I was very happy with the customer service and the quality of the mattress - will definitely plan on buying more such natural products from
Lauren T.
We had a great experience at Houston Natural Mattress! Steve was extremely knowledgeable about all the mattress choices and helped guide us to the perfect non-toxic mattress. It was important to us to be able to try the mattresses out in person, instead of just ordering online. And scheduling for delivery is very convenient! They will hold the mattress if needed due to moving schedules, which is very helpful for us, and will haul your old mattress away. We will definitely be coming back for all future mattress needs.
James R.
We purchased a good mattress from them about 1 year ago. After a few months began noticing issues with my back. Finally after one year I became convinced it was my side of our mattress. Steve @Houston Natural Mattress exchanged out the medium latex inserts for firm and now all is good. These guys stand by their commitment to their customers. Highly recommend them.
Nici H.
Edit with update: I received a call today from Steve and it seems there was a management changeover when we purchased that caused a lot of balls to be dropped but he was very kind and offered a store credit. Definitely didn't need to do that months later! The bed has been amazing and this definitely changed my opinion of the store. I can always offer grace when someone admits they messed up! Thanks Steve!I so so so wanted to love my experience here. I had a wonderful purchasing experience and the sales rep was amazing but it's been downhill since then. I ordered my mattress May 15th and 3 1/2 months later I still don't have it. They delivered one mattress and took mine but it was a mattress much cheaper than the one I purchased. I immediately noticed and called to let them know they delivered the wrong mattress. Everytime I call to check on the new status I get the run around and no clear answer. Now I'm being told they have my mattress but are too busy to call me and deliver it. I feel like after waiting 15 weeks for a mattress that I was told would take 6 weeks to receive... Being told they are too busy to deliver it is beyond unacceptable. Loved the buying experience - but paying $6k and not receiving my mattress deserves zero stars.
Brandon P.
Love the omish mattress that we bought there. We walked in knowing nothing about beds and what we were looking for and associate\manager\owner???.... really educated us in what to look for. Happy customers!
Ryan D.
The best service with the best mattresses. Dustin is extremely knowledgeable and will lead you in the right direction.
Amber Sky W.
This Natural Mattress Store in The Woodlands has the best selection of healthy mattresses. Dustin the manager is so knowledgeable and amazing at customer service! :-). I bought the Mango mattress in size queen. I get it delivered this week.
PRKristyna T.
Andrew G.
My wife and I absolutely love our new mattress plus sheets that we purchased here and have had the best sleep since ever. The store manager Dustin is very knowledgeable, patient, polite and informative. The experience was great and will recommend all friends and family to make their next mattress, sheets or cover purchases here...they won't regret it and neither will you.
Eric G.
Maureen O.
We bought a bed at your store in the Woodlands. Best bed we have ever slept on. Your sales and service were great. Love our bed, never had such a good night sleep and to wake in the morning feeling so refreshed is Magnificent!!! Has been such a pleasure doing business wth your staff. Such an amazing bed sleep all night. It has been a pleasure. I would recommend anyone too try your store. Thank you so much we are now sleeping. Best Quality of beds. Sincerely Maureen
Kathleen C.
Very helpful and positive experience.
Aqeel A.
Finding a mattress here was such a great experience. Dustin was courteous and his knowledge of everything about mattresses was outstanding. I walked out feeling confident that I made a very worthwhile purchase.
Laura L.
My husband and I just bought the king Mango mattress and we love it! We both agree that Patrick's customer service was stellar. We asked many questions and Patrick was patient and answered everything with the intention to inform us as much as possible. There was a hiccup when we went to pick up the mattress but Patrick offered solutions on the spot and he got everything straightened out for us that same day. We are incredibly happy with our new bed & our experience with Houston Natural Mattress.
Ade L.
Had a fantastic experience purchasing a mattress at the Woodlands location today. The store manager, Dustin, was extremely knowledgeable and incredibly helpful. He went above and beyond to make my experience in the store exceptional and I am thrilled to receive my new non-toxic, organic mattress, pillow & mattress cover. I highly recommend this location and company for your mattress purchase.
Megan S.
I had the pleasure of working with Maxwell and he was such a delight to work with. He really helped my husband and I find the perfect mattress for us and we couldn’t be happier. Thanks so much!!!
Bryan B.
My wife and I were blown away by how comfortable and high quality a non-toxic mattress can be these days. The customer service at Houston Natural Mattress was exceptional. We weren’t rushed at all, and had a one on one consultation to narrow down and select just the right mattress for us. They had non-plastic disposable pillow covers we could use when trying the different products, as well as clean sheets if we desired. They are taking cleanliness and safety very seriously right now, which is obviously appreciated! We ended up picking out a few Posh + Lavish mattresses that I swear are more comfortable than the well-known, brand name, top of the line memory foam ones they are replacing!
Jennifer L.
You will not meet a more friendly or knowledgeable mattress connoisseur than Steve Chandler!Steve takes the time to understand your preferences/needs and then ensures those match his recommendation.The drive to Houston Natural Mattress of The Woodlands is well worth it wherever you are!
Steve C.
Mattresses made like they use to. Better, fewer Natural ingredients. Best mattresses ever.
Theresa M.
At a time when your health is so important, toxin free products and a clean healthy environment to shop couldn’t be more relevant! Great customer service and Max in particular is very knowledgeable and helpful!
Jan V.
Great customer service!
Martha H.
vanya W.
Best mattress ever! Besides being so comfy I sleep better knowing that it's not full of toxins. Steve is friendly and beyond knowledgeable!
Mariana D.
Tinaya S.
Such a great selection and Steve is so helpful and knowledgeable! We couldn’t be happier!
Thad D.
Excellent mattress buying experience. Steve answered all my questions according and had patience the entire time!!
harley K.
Really great customer experience and best mattress I've ever had.
Ash J.
The knowledge and expertise that the Houston Natural mattress exhibited during my shopping experience is unparalleled! I strongly recommend anyone who takes their health seriously to speak with these professionals. I assure you, your body will thank you later!
Mike G.
I really like my new mattress. I had no idea I would sleep so much better and I feel like I got a great deal.
Sara F.
Steve was WONDERFUL and helpful . The staff, and Steve specifically, are so knowledgeable and helpful. They want to be sure you get the right mattress. This store has a great selection of products, and we are SO happy with our purchase.
Michael L.
Great service and salesmanship. Stevie was the best
Max W.
Sharon W.
I have an awesome mattress from Houston Natural Mattress with a 2” topper. I’m in love with my bed. I also have an adjustable frame. Truly it’s the bomb. Steve Chandler was very helpful. He was very patient with me and ask questions that would help him help me. All in all it was one of the best buying experiences I have ever had. I strongly suggest you give them a try if you need a mattress. Thanks Steve.
Simon P.
Wow amazing costumer service and inventory ! Very happy with my purchase !
D R.
Best experience in town! Steve and Lewis were the best! After being beat up all over town , having mattresses full of all kinds of toxins and poisons pushed on me. I finally found HNM and poison free natural mattress alternatives that the salespeople were knowledgeable enough to educate me on all the options. After my wife and I were comfort fitted to our personal needs we were able to make the perfect selection and save a ton of money compared to what we found elsewhere. Thanks guys, I'll definitely send friends and family.
Kenn K.
Awesome selection and prices. Art on the walls alone is worth the visit.
Janice J.
I had the best experience with Houston Natural Mattress. The owner was so helpful when it came to choosing the right mattress for us. He was not pushy like your typical sales person, he was just very informative and professional. It was actually first after we paid for the mattress that he told us that we will never want to sleep in another mattress after this. There was a problem with the delivery time since the base that we ordered was on back order and we needed the bed within two weeks, so they gave us a free upgrade to the next model up which could be delivered right away. This is the best and most professional experience I’ve ever had with purchasing a mattress. I highly recommend this place!
Morgan C.
WOW!! Could this place be any cooler!!! It is so beautifully designed. The mattresses are reasonably priced and the staff are super knowledgeable. I recommend this place to everyone I know.
Shane C.
Never seen anything like this place. Incredible.
Chris T.