The Dangers of Greenwashing

There is only one Houston mattress store that carries truly organic and natural mattresses, and it’s us!

Our competitors claim that they offer “natural” mattresses, but that is simply not true. We are the only mattress store in the Houston area that has nothing to hide when we say “green.” These other stores are doing what is called “greenwashing”.

The best way to check if a store is selling organic mattresses is to ask to see the organic certifications. We are happy to show you the various certifications of our mattresses that guarantee them as safe and organic. If other stores cannot produce the Certified Organic Certification for their mattresses, you know they are fibbing. Our Naturepedic line does, along with USDA-accredited certifications for every ingredient. Some stores will claim “organic” mattresses if the mattress only has one truly organic ingredient. This is not a safe, organic mattress. Even the facilities that our mattresses are constructed in have organic certifications.

Even if only the cotton cover of a mattress is organic, a store will claim it is a fully “organic” mattress. Non-organic wool, latex, or cotton contains poisonous chemicals. Just because a mattress contains wool or latex does not mean it is healthy. Synthetic latex contains no natural ingredients at all and is completely man-made. Without the organic certifications, non-organic mattresses can contain chemicals and carcinogens from the fire retardant spray, along with a host of other toxic ingredients.

Greenwashing is lying. Why trust a mattress store that won’t tell you what is in the very product you are there to buy?

All our mattresses contain organic certifications for every ingredient, every inch, and every thread in them. We have the paperwork to prove it. Know the difference and don’t be fooled.