Why Buy Natural Organic Mattresses?

Shane Coker, owner of Houston Natural Mattress, Talks About the Importance of a Natural Mattress

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More on the Warnings of a Toxic Mattress

The world is changing, and people are becoming more aware of healthy options in every aspect of their lives. Consumers want to know that what they eat, wear, and buy is healthy for them and their family. We believe it is the same with mattresses. We provide the health-conscious option to where you sleep.

The Risks of Non-Organic Mattresses

In 2007, new mattress standards were introduced in the United States. These regulations require mattresses to be nearly fireproof for a small amount of time. Other mattress brands spray chemicals like boric acid, formaldehyde, or melamine on their mattress to comply with this regulation.

These mattresses also include glues and adhesives, polyurethane foams, synthetic perfumes and deodorizers – all of which are chemicals known as volatile organic Compounds (VOCs). Don’t let the word organic fool you here; these chemicals can lead to central nervous system damage. Companies don’t even have to disclose what is in their mattresses because there are no laws requiring them to do so. Customers end up getting the short end of the stick and a poisonous mattress. Consider what Duke University professor, Dr. Heather M. Stapleton, suggests regarding this:

“We can buy things that are BPA free, or phthalate free or lead free. We don’t have the choice to buy things that are flame-retardant free…The laws protect the chemical industry, not the general public… current federal oversight of chemicals is so weak that manufacturers are not required to label products with flame retardants nor are they required to list what chemicals are used.”

As a Professor of Environmental Chemistry, she’s one to listen to when comes to the effects of such ingredients. Some of these chemicals actually cause cancer. These chemicals are released into the air as dust every time someone lays on their bed. That dust can be inhaled by children, pets, and, of course, the people sleeping on that very bed. These carcinogens are having negative effects on the human body.

Research has associated them with low-birth weight and other health problems in babies whose mothers sleep on these mattresses during pregnancy. This information isn’t new in the mattress industry, but people have been kept from the truth by companies selling these poisonous, conventional mattresses.

The Healthy Solution: Certified Organic Wool Mattresses

Avoid the health risks of conventional mattresses by using certified organic wool mattresses. Our manufacturer Savvy Rest, doesn’t use dangerous fire-retardant chemicals. Certified organic wool is a natural, chemical-free fire retardant certified by Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Our mattresses do not contain polyurethane foams or harmful chemicals and are verified as organic by a host of third-party organic certifications. Our mattresses go through more scrutiny without chemicals than traditional mattresses do with them.

Not only are our mattresses healthy for you, they are healthy for the environment. Our mattresses are made with sustainably harvested latex sap from rubber trees. These trees rebound quickly and produce sap constantly, which is why our methods are more environmentally friendly.

Many other companies in Houston will claim that they supply “organic” or “all natural” mattresses. Be aware that some of these organizations are trying to pull the wool over your eyes. Their mattresses may say organic, but they are not actually natural. Remember that we sell the real deal while others are simply “green washing” their products. These mattresses contain a polyurethane core that is surrounded by a blend of latex and stamped with a “natural” label. There are disappointingly few regulations in the mattress industry that outline what can be called natural. Ingredients like “blended latex” and “synthetic latex” are giveaways of mattresses that contain toxic flame retardants or VOCs.

At Houston Natural Mattresses, we pride ourselves on transparency. Come down and quiz us on what is in our mattresses; our professional staff will be happy to give you all the details.

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