K-Lex Pillow

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Handmade by local American Artisans, Churchill & Smith pillows are much more than something to put your head on. Created from carefully selected fabrics and materials like Cotton, Latex, Wool and Kapok, our pillows will assure you many peaceful nights.

Churchill & Smith weighs and measures every pillow, before they hand stuff them. This will guarantee you a consistent and perfect feel. Their patent pending blend of organic kapok and latex, also known as K-Lex, is mold and dust mite resistant. The Churchill & Smith pillow will help keep you safe from those irritating allergies. Finding the right position on a K-Lex pillow is never a problem, they feel substantial yet fluffy and supportive.  Simply put, there is no other pillow like it.

The first and most often talked about factor of the perfect pillow is the thickness or the effective height of the pillow.  The average person sleeps on his or her side. The head needs to stay in a natural, neutral position properly aligned with the spine.  Therefore the pillow should be no more than 2 inches thicker than the distance between the edge of your shoulder blade to the side of your head.  6 to 8 inches is the average distance.  The K-Lex Luxury Pillow is designed to accommodate the average person.

The second factor important in creating the perfect K-Lex pillow is the fill or what is known as the “fill power”.  Fill power is the support the pillow gives when pressure is applied.  The K-Lex natural blend was invented to reduce pressure points while evenly cradling the head and neck.  Traditional pillows use synthetic materials such as polyurethane and petroleum based products that reflect your body heat. This can cause night sweating and sleep disturbance.   The K-Lex Luxury Pillow uses natural ingredients that facilitate airflow.  Body heat is wisped through and away from the pillow helping you maintain your tranquility.

The third factor is conformity.  Spencer discovered most sleepers like to shape and form their pillow throughout the night as their sleep position changes.  Therefore, pliability, weight and density are carefully accounted for in every K-Lex Luxury Pillow.

  • Natural ingredients including a carefully measured blend of moisture resistant Kapok and a silky cotton fiber from the seedpod of the Kapok or Java Cotton tree.
  • Rubber tree creates an anti-microbial natural substance that allows air to pass through its open cell structure, creating undeniable support, conformity and durability.
  • A stretch cotton fabric is used to allow absolute freedom from obstructive pressure points found in most pillows.

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